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mobile marketing automation

Batch is a push notification platform built around predictive analytics and smart segmentation algorithms. 

With Batch, you can efficiently send transactional (one to one) and marketing notifications (one to many) while leveraging our other modules to run a successful retention strategy.

Main Features

Batch Push - free push notifications, and premium plans for when you need better services such as a higher send rate and API access. 

Batch Analytics - real time insights into your user-base and fuel the other modules thanks to the smart segments. You can target those smart segments (e.g. one time users, dormant users) when setting up push notification campaigns, and adjust your message for each segment.

Batch Ads - ad network, it allows you to monetize your audience through beautiful interstitial or in-feed native ads. We recommend to implement Batch Ads via a mediation tool such as Admob or Mopub in order to ensure a 100% fill rate.

Batch Unlock - a powerful content unlocking system. With it, you can - for instance - unlock 100 virtual coins to all users who open your app after having seen a push notification announcing the offer, or offer a free 7 days trial to users installing the app during a certain timeframe (e.g. summer sales).

SDK for Android
  • New manual push helper

Required Permissions

  •  Internet


Example A

SDK for Apple

Improved Native Ads:

  • Added properties on BatchNativeAd to get image paths on disk (icon and cover)
  • Added a method to load Native Ads without preloading their UIImages
  • Added a MoPub custom event for Native Ads: BatchMoPubCustomNative


Automatic deeplink handling can now be disabled

Added a method for getting the deeplink from Batch Push


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Zombie Tsunami

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Easy to use, integrated marketing automation

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