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bounz07 Mar, 2019Report offensive

great tools

great tools

PDB26 Feb, 2019Report offensive

Difficult to integrate with Adobe

aj24 Nov, 2018Report offensive

Easy to integrate and use

Very easy to integrate the SDK. Provides pretty decent attribution

vijay15 May, 2018Report offensive

Great tool

The features that Appsflyer offer are cool and useful

Santo14 May, 2018Report offensive

Great for tracking

Great for tracking and following installs

Guillermo08 May, 2018Report offensive

Great Sdk

StudentfoApps04 Feb, 2018Report offensive

Great tool!

Satoshi20 Oct, 2017Report offensive

Nice Functionalities!

ekhlopin06 Oct, 2017Report offensive


mike123phill02 Aug, 2017Report offensive


YamiBL28 Jul, 2017Report offensive

One of the best app tracking partners in the industry

Jean Daniel Frondo02 Apr, 2017Report offensive


great job

Jean Daniel Frondo02 Apr, 2017Report offensive


great job

Rami Segal18 Feb, 2017Report offensive

Adjust is better

richard earnshaw29 Jan, 2017Report offensive

Requirement for app marketing

You need to implement appsflyer SDK to manage, track and optimise your mobile app budgets

jobindelhi10 Jan, 2017Report offensive


desmo hf21 Oct, 2016Report offensive

not bad

trace fb

Taufik Nengti19 Oct, 2016Report offensive

good job


bestadagent.07 Aug, 2016Report offensive


company good

Shyamdas S Mallya20 Jul, 2016Report offensive

Your Marketing Agency will demand it

This is good attribution tool and must if you're good for paid installs.

stephansari11 Jul, 2016Report offensive


Just try it

Arkady Fridman21 Jun, 2016Report offensive

Great Attribution Analytics!

One of the best, I would say top 3 and pricing is very competitive.

mobilemarketinggeek26 May, 2016Report offensive

Best tool on the market

Definitely best in the market - AppsFlyer is a mobile marketer's best friend.

Oren Kaniel25 May, 2016Report offensive

Probably the best mobile attribution analytics solution

StartApp12 Apr, 2016Report offensive

nice SDK for tracking

Louis Powell24 Mar, 2016Report offensive

great app.

John Rambo 09 Mar, 2016Report offensive

Debugging is complicated

arthurs09 Mar, 2016Report offensive


Less pertinent than iTunes Analytics

BruceWayne09 Mar, 2016Report offensive

Very buggy

Complex for implementation, bugs. And no use since iTunes Analytics is available ! Is you really need such a SDK, use MAT instead

Arik Bronshtein13 Jan, 2016Report offensive

great job

rongettaxi14 Dec, 2015Report offensive

- Debugging is complicated - SDK crashes on iOS

einav 13 Dec, 2015Report offensive

Overall great, but

On one hand, you must have attribution if you do acquisition. But, the price can be crazy when you are going on burst. I think that they should create different price levels.

sagis12 Jul, 2015Report offensive