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AppJolt lets you Analyze, Recapture, Survey and Monetize your daily Updates & Uninstalls, for the first time ever.

Append Your Existing In-App Analytics with Uninstall Data

The missing piece to your in-app analytics. Link to any in-app event you are currently tracking and instantly find out who, why and when users are uninstalling your apps.

Main Features


  • You invested in paid acquisition campaigns, but did you measure which campaign has the highest uninstall rate? Track each media source all the way to the uninstall event
  • Tie in any behavior, retention and user engagement metric you are currently tracking all the way to the user uninstall
  • Track specific cohorts and profiles to see who is uninstalling your app
  • Integrate in less than five minutes to enhance your existing in-app reports with uninstall data
  • Free service to all developers regardless of uninstall volume


  • It’s Not Mobile App Retargeting
  • It’s instantly recapturing users as soon as they uninstall your app, and that’s why it’s a fraction of the cost of expensive CPI acquisition and retargeting solutions.


  • Get Answers from your Uninstalls
  • Capture key data from users who are uninstalling your apps.
  • Build your own custom uninstall surveys
  • Target specific user segments
  • Get answers with real-time reporting
  • Free service to all developers


  • An Exclusive Update & Uninstall Monetization Solution
  • Instantly supercharge your app revenue. Start earning incremental ad revenue each time a user updates & uninstalls your app.
  • A new, innovative revenue stream
  • 100% Google Developer Program Compliant
  • Leverage your own update & uninstall traffic
  • 100% fill rate
  • Yield highest eCPMs

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Get_accounts
  •  Receive_boot_completed

Optional Permissions

  •  Read_phone_state
  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Access_coarse_location


Example A

Example B

SDK for Apple

iOS SDK currently supports uninstall analytics only


Example A

Example B

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