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Mobile Monetization SDK for Android and iOS.

Ad-Formats - Either you are looking for rewarded or non-rewarded monetization. Both in-app and mobile web. Drive mobile ad revenue by integrating offer wall, banner, interstitial, or video ads seamlessly

Offer Wall - AppGrade’s Offer Wall helps users discover new free apps and special offers. Users are in full control to select the apps and offers they like. The Rewarded Offer Wall present a variety of offers for your users to complete. Increase revenue, engagement, and retention by rewarding users for trying out new Apps, watching Videos and engaging with brands.

Video - Video Ad-Format generate good CPMs. AppGrade’s video ads bring rich brand experiences to your app, and the flexible nature of the format allows users to skip the video after 5 seconds. AppGrade’s Rewarded Video - Users opt-in to watch branded videos in exchange for virtual currency or premium content. 

Interstitial and Banner - AppGrade’s interstitials are full-page ads that appear at natural breaks or transition points, and generate incredible CPMs. AppGrade’s Banner ads appear at the top or bottom of your screen and can prompt users to install apps or visit websites. Our smart banners automatically resize to fit different screen sizes as the user rotates their device. 

Native Ads - The Native Ads allows you to build custom ad experience to match your app’s unique style. Present ads in a natural way to maintain positive user experience and generate higher CPMs.

Main Features

- High CPMs and fill rates

- Both classic and rewarded Ad-Formats 

- Simple and fast integration 

- Monitor performance & get outstanding reports 

- Boost user engagement 

- Match each user with the right Ad-Format at the right time 

SDK for Android

Required Permissions

  •  Internet

Optional Permissions

  •  Access_network_state
  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Access_coarse_location
  •  Access_wifi_state
  •  Write_external_storage


Example A

SDK for Apple

Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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