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CFNetwork wrapper for HTTP requests

ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that makes some of the more tedious aspects of communicating with web servers easier. 

It is written in Objective-C and works in both Mac OS X and iPhone applications.

It is suitable performing basic HTTP requests and interacting with REST-based services (GET / POST / PUT / DELETE). 

The included ASIFormDataRequest subclass makes it easy to submit POST data and files using multipart/form-data.

Main Features

- A straightforward interface for submitting data to and fetching data from webservers

- Download data to memory or directly to a file on disk

- Submit files on local drives as part of POST data, compatible with the HTML file input mechanism

- Stream request bodies directly from disk to the server, to conserve memory

- Resume for partial downloads

- Easy access to request and response HTTP headers

- Progress delegates (NSProgressIndicators and UIProgressViews) to show information about download AND upload progress

- Auto-magic management of upload and download progress indicators for operation queues

- Basic, Digest + NTLM authentication support, credentials are automatically re-used for the duration of a session, and can be stored for later in the Keychain.

- Cookie support

- Requests can continue to run when your app moves to the background (iOS 4+)

- GZIP support for response data AND request bodies

SDK for Apple

  • AC files are now downloaded asynchronously by having requests create a child request to obtain the PAC file. 
  • Added [request tag], an integer property you can use as an alternative to setting userInfo. As with userInfo, this is for your own use, and is not sent to the server. 
  • Requests that have finished downloading the response no longer clear the response contents or response headers when they fail with an error.
  • Fixed a couple of zlib issues with ASIDataCompressor and ASIDataDecompressor  
  • Fixed some problems that could occur with non-ASCII user agents 


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