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The Adobe Creative Cloud provides the world’s best creative tools and content. With the Creative SDK, you can access a number of UI components and headless APIs to give your users these creative tools and connect them to the Creative Cloud platform right within your mobile or web app. It’s at the heart of Adobe’s own mobile offerings.

Main Features

Creative Cloud Content Management - Give your users access to their content wherever, whenever. Import, export, and create - Files, Libraries, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom photos, Photoshop .PSDs, and more - directly to and from the Creative Cloud, right from within your app.

Creative Cloud Market - Jumpstart your users’ creative process with a curated library of content (patterns, mockups, icons, vectors, brushes and much more) from the world-class creative community to fulfill all of their design needs.

Creative Tools - Empower your users to create within your app. Integrate our easy-to-use, powerful and customizable image editing and color tools directly within your mobile or web app within minutes.

Connected Workflows - Facilitate seamless workflows between Creative Cloud connected applications. From the SendToDesktop APIs to the Behance UI component, we have everything you need to give your users the power of the entire Creative Cloud ecosystem.

Adobe Labs - Inspire your users with technology from Adobe Labs. You have the ability to access the newest creative technology from our researchers to build powerful and unique creative experiences of your own

SDK for Android

  • The Foundation SDK has been broken up into four smaller SDKs to help keep the size of your app down. · 
  • The old monolithic CreativeSDKFoundationAssets has been split into CreativeSDKFoundationAssetCore and CreativeSDKFoundationAssetUX. 
  • The new CreativeSDKFoundationAssetCore contains the Creative SDK's headless Asset APIs. 
  • The new CreativeSDKFoundationAssetUX contains the Creative SDK's Asset Browser UI components. 
  • The new CreativeSDKFoundationAppLibrary showcases apps that use the Creative SDK


Example A

SDK for Apple
  • AdobeLabsMagicVectorizer - converts a raster UIImage into UIBezierPath. 
  • MagicDepthMapper - creates a depth map from a UIImage. 
  • MagicCutoutMaker - automatically cuts out salient portions of an image. 
  • MagicBrush - simulate real world objects like crayons and play-doh as brushes. 
  • MagicStyle - make one image match the style of another image. 


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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Photobucket for Samsung

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Uplike Capture Amazing Moments

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Aussie Mingle - Meet,Chat,Date

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Mingle - Dating, Chat & Meet

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