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Easily source, provision, manage and track advertising from virtually any ad network or directly sourced demand.

Quickly enable banner and interstitial ads served from a variety of sources. The Opera Mediaworks SDK supports the meditation of multiple third party ad networks (see website for full list) as well as the full suite of AdMarvel campaign management features . In addition, the SDK supports mediating iAd, as well as the following third party SDKs that can be bundled in: AdColony, Amazon, Chartboost, FaceBook, Google/AdMob SDK, Millennial, Rhythm, Unity, and Yume.

Main Features

Simplify - A single integrated interface to manage multiple campaigns and advertisers 

Maintain control - Publishers have full visibility into ad placements 

Tap into the trading desk  - Gain access to over 175 demand sources for instant ad supply from the major global ad networks 

Measure - Robust suite of reporting tools for all the standard metrics, plus some you didn’t know you needed 

Choose your network - Test to find out which work best for you, then bundle their SDK for customized ad delivery 

Maximize ad value - Pre-integrate with the world’s leading ad networks or sell your inventory directly

SDK for Android

Added custom expand logic to expand ads using AdMarvelUtils.enableCustomExpand() API.

Required Permissions

  •  Internet
  •  Access_network_state
  •  Write_external_storage

Optional Permissions

  •  Access_fine_location
  •  Access_coarse_location
  •  Read_calendar
  •  Write_calendar


Example A

SDK for Apple

  • Added iOS 9 compatibility that includes support for App Thinning. 
  • Optimized AdColony ad serving.


Example A

Selected Apps that use this SDK

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My Talking Tom

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My Talking Angela

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Football Scores - 365Scores

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WeatherBug - Forecast & Radar

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King of Thieves

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Opera Mini web browser

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