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A fully customizable photo editor for your app. Integrate the photo editor into your own HTML5, iOS or Android app - in minutes!

The PhotoEditor SDK is a powerful and multifaceted tool which enables you to provide your users with high-performance photo editing capabilities. 

The SDK is composed of a clean and intuitive UI that can easily be customized to match your CI and entirely blend with your service, a versatile image editing section that is packed with a multitude of top-notch photo editing features, effects, handcrafted filters and assets and a powerful rendering engine under the hood. 

The PhotoEditor SDK can be tailored to delight your users with the exact feature set your use-case requires. The SDK is entirely white labeled and all operations are non-destructive which allows for quick and uncomplicated revision of the creatives.

Main Features

- Filters. The PhotoEditor SDK ships with over 60 handcrafted filters covering all state of the art style- and mood settings that can even be previewed in camera mode. 

- Overlays. Overlays can also be used to furnish pictures with textures like crumpled paper or plaster. The PhotoEditor SDK holds a set of 20 preset overlay assets.

- Adjustments. The adjustment section of the PhotoEditor SDK is as versatile as a swiss army knife and holds both essential and advanced photo editing features.

- Transform. Our transform section unifies cropping, flipping and rotation operations in one feature. The SDK holds various preset crop ratios (e.g. 16:9) that can easily be complemented by any crop ratio you deem necessary.

- Text. The robust text feature of the PhotoEditor SDK provides all necessary functions for quickly adding text to any picture or creative.

- Stickers. The PhotoEditor SDK ships with a categorized sticker library whose UI is optimized for exploration and discovery. You can easily leverage the API to complement the library with your custom sticker packages.

- Frames. The PhotoEditor SDK includes a versatile frame tool that works with any given photo size or ratio and provides two distinct options to apply frames.

- Brush. The high performant brush engine of the PhotoEditor SDK is optimized for touch screen interaction and supports different brush strokes that can be edited in terms of thickness and color.

SDK for Android

Android API Level 16+. Covers nearly 99% of all Android devices with touchscreen.

Default UI. for camera preview and editing. Based on Intents and Activities.

Fast image export up to 4294 MegaPixel. Even with large images and slow devices with low memory the export is done in adequate time with a intelligent unrivaled background processing technology.

Generic camera support. Integrated and featureful on the most Android phones.

No native code. Our backend is RenderScript based with high-level OpenGL support, therefore we dodge all the nasty native library problems other frameworks face.

Tablet support. Works great on tablets.

Photoshop LUT. Design color filters in Photoshop! With this feature it is possible to generate LUT (Look Up Table) color filters easily from different photo editing tools. Export and integrate them in minutes!

Live Preview. Filters can be previewed in high quality at realtime.

Low memory footprint. even with high resolution images.

Extensible and customizable toolkit interface. Add your own customized filters with Renderscript and modify tool properties yourself.

Required Permissions

  •  Camera
  •  Write_external_storage


SDK for Apple

Native code: Our rendering engine is based on Apple's Core Image, therefore we dodge all the nasty OpenGL problems other frameworks face.

iPad support: The PhotoEditor SDK uses auto layout for its views and adapts to each screen size - iPhone or iPad.

Swift: Keeping up with time, we chose Swift as the main development language of the PhotoEditor SDK, leading to leaner easier code.

Live preview: Filters can be previewed directly in the camera preview.

Low memory footprint: We were able to reduce our memory footprint significantly.

Non-destructive: Don't like what you did? No problem, just redo or even discard it.

Highly customizable: Style the UI as you wish to match your needs.

Objective-C support: All of our public API is Objective-C compatible.

Fast: Our renderer uses hardware acceleration and the GPU, which makes it lightning fast.


Selected Apps that use this SDK

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HP Sprocket

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