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Don't let the SDK Fatigue hit you!


Uncover SDKs that

Instantly turn them off.

Add as many SDKs as you want and use SafeDK to:

your appyour gameyour rules

Manage your App SDKs Remotely in Production!

Once you’ve published your app with SafeDK - you can easily view, monitor and control all your SDKs via our super cool dashboard.
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All in Real Time

Catch performance issues or data violations in real time. Handle them on the spot without the need for a version update in the stores.

Get the full picture of your ads' performance

See which ads are showing in your app:
Uncover wasted inventory,
Identify inappropriate ads,
Compare ads CTR and more.
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You're in Control

More than yet another analytics solution: turn naughty SDKs off instantly or keep them active while shutting down only specific permissions. Instantly fix SDK issues in your live published app!

Less than 3 Minutes Integration

Simple, automatic integration – get protected within minutes, without needing to add even a single line of code. Works like magic.
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