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Imac performance

SDKs Performance & Stability

Identify SDKs that slow down your app, crash it or excessively consume device resources.

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Tablet performance

Performance Monitoring

Know each SDK contribution to your app start time, network consumption, latency, location access and more.

Stability Assurance

Get rich statistics and detailed stack traces of the SDKs crashes and ANRs (application freeze).

Laptop performance
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“Using the solution helped Lucktastic improve in-app metrics such as start time by more than a second, latency issues (discovered and solved a 0.5 second gap), identify blacklist violations and other ad issues, be aware of all private information access by third-parties and quickly solve crashes that were caused by an SDK without having to submit a new version to the stores.”

Jesse Hurwitz

Senior Director Of Monetization Products, Jump Ramp Games

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Perfect your Users Experience

Prevent SDK troubles: crashes, slowdown, excessive battery or data consumption will never be an issue again!

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Save Precious Dev Hours

Get useful, detailed statistics and data about SDKs that are harming your App. Save valuable development hours chasing down problems.

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