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Ad Visibility and Quality Control

Get complete ad visibility to maximize revenue and protect your users from harmful content.

Track Campaigns Performance

See all the ads in your app, detect campaigns' impressions and CTRs and identify underperforming creatives. Boost your app's revenue with this insightful data.

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Uncover Content Issues

Identify inappropriate ads, buggy creatives, wasted inventory, blacklist violations or competitors ads. Get Immediate notifications before they cause real damage.

Control Tech Issues

Track ad crashes, auto-redirects and buggy ads and easily spot the source of the problem and which SDK is responsible for it.

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Unveil Your Users' Ad Journey

Track your apps’ user journey. Trace problematic ads and redirects within minutes and easily report them to the ad network with all their details.

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"We’ve been advertising our competitors for three months now, no wonder our retention is 7% lower than before. "

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"This was seen by our users over 1M times. What a waste!"

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"Our young users were exposed to ads like this. Thousands of parents uninstalled our app."

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