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Ad Visibility and Quality Control

Get complete ad visibility to maximize revenue and protect your users from harmful content.

Ani Westrom Digital Advertising Partnerships


"SafeDK’s technology helps Zynga filter and eliminate negative ads to ensure that our players enjoy a fun and safe gaming environment. It’s important that developers and publishers take efforts to improve the gaming industry by cleaning ad inventory from malicious and problematic ads. SafeDK helps to make that possible"

John Boog-Scott & Kenny Newell


SafeDK help us cover several issues in our ad ecosystem - brand safety, inappropriate ads, controversial ads, ads that cause problems, ads that crash - and SafeDK helps us with that. SafeDK helps us not waste time and not waste money and overlapping those.

Cassidy Gentle Director

Technical Engineering,

"After working with the great people at SafeDK, I have nothing but positive things to say about them. SafeDK is exceptionally responsive to our feature requests which is great to have from a partner. While we do have other ways of tracking startup time, the SafeDK console made it very clear which SDKs were slowing down our load time or piggybacking on our permissions. By monitoring this, we were able to make continuous improvements and to remove any disruptive factors. Additionally, SafeDK has helped us keep our ad inventory “clean” and also alerted us to “buggy” ads that could potentially harm our revenue. I highly recommend working with SafeDK’s technology to ensure that you have the best user experience and full visibility to your 3rd party SDKs performance and ads. We plan to continue working with SafeDk and spreading the word about this great company and their valuable products!"

Sal Tripi & Peter Wyner

Publisher Clearing House

SafeDK allows us to very quickly isolate what ad provider, SDK or what marketplace the broken or inappropriate ads are coming from, so we can take action very quick and resolve customer problems. SafeDK has been a real game changer here at PCH in our ability to monitor and remediate problems with ads.

Dave Macli CEO & Co-Founder


"We have been working with SafeDK in the past year on managing our external SDKs and are happy with its performance and value. SafeDK helps us monitor our SDKs 24/7, track crashes and ANRs including ones that are not identified by dedicated crash reporting tools, and control SDKs permissions in real-time. In the past year there have been two instances when SafeDK has been the first to alert us of critical affecting our users. We consider it an essential part of our app analytics stack…"

Jesse Hurwitz Senior Director

Monetization Products, Jump Ramp Games

"In one dashboard you can easily monitor the impact of each SDK on your app, which ads and campaigns are running in the app and how your users saw them. You can even deactivate SDKs in case of a critical bug or privacy issue. SafeDK alerts the team whenever there’s an issue and provides complete transparency on what happens within the app."

Sean O'Shea CEO


“I have been in the app development space for the last 7+ years and I was very surprised by SafeDK technology! Their holistic SDK management system, ability to shut down permissions & SDKs, showing SDKs performance and how they are affecting your UX & the ability to show you all of your ads is a key success to any app developer nowadays. They even managed to help me catch crashes that I couldn’t find on Fabric!...”

Track Campaigns Performance

See all the ads in your app, detect campaigns' impressions and CTRs and identify underperforming creatives. Boost your app's revenue with this insightful data.

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Uncover Content Issues

Identify inappropriate ads, buggy creatives, wasted inventory, blacklist violations or competitors ads. Get Immediate notifications before they cause real damage.

Control Tech Issues

Track ad crashes, auto-redirects and buggy ads and easily spot the source of the problem and which SDK is responsible for it.

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Unveil Your Users' Ad Journey

Track your apps’ user journey. Trace problematic ads and redirects within minutes and easily report them to the ad network with all their details.

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"We’ve been advertising our competitors for three months now, no wonder our retention is 7% lower than before. "

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"This was seen by our users over 1M times. What a waste!"

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"Our young users were exposed to ads like this. Thousands of parents uninstalled our app."

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