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We are SafeDK!

SafeDK offers an infrastructure solution, which improves mobile apps' security, stability and QoS, by monitoring and controlling 3rd party tools integrated in the apps.

Our cutting-edge technology empowers app publishers with data and knowledge around the tools they bring home, into the applications they build.

We are your companion for the entire development journey: from finding the right SDKs, through safe integration, to their ongoing monitoring and real-time control.

We are a team of passionate tech-lovers, who use our talent to bring transparency and trust to the SDK economy, allowing app publishers to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of using 3rd party tools.

This is Us

  • Team 01 orly

    Orly Shoavi

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Team 01 ronnie

    Ronnie Sternberg

    Co-Founder & VP Business

  • Team 01 maya m

    Maya Mograbi

    The Wonder Developer

  • Team 01 ori

    Ori Lentzitzky

    The Rock Star

  • Team 01 ariel

    Ariel Cattan

    The Breakthrough-er

  • Team 01 adam

    Adam Shmuel

    The Know-It-All Wizard

  • Team 01 idan

    Idan Mandil

    The Cool "Just solved NP=P" Guy

  • Team 01 eldad

    Eldad Moneta

    The Master of All

  • Team 01 maya z

    Maya Zvuloni

    Dr. SDK