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We are SafeDK!

SafeDK lets mobile app publishers build much better and safer apps through analyzing, monitoring and optimizing 3rd party SDKs in their app. SafeDK provides the first and only end-to-end SDKs management platform, which includes the following solutions:

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SafeDK’s Ad Intelligence solution lets app publishers see the full picture of the ads that show in their app. We're helping app owners identify wasted inventory, inappropriate ads, direct competition ads as well as compare campaigns performance. SafeDK’s customers use the solution to drastically improve their UX and increase app ROI.

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SafeDK’s In-App Protection solution helps them monitor & control SDKs in real time, including getting automated performance & data leakage alerts, and shutting-off naughty SDKs immediately, with no need for a version update.

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SafeDK Marketplace lets developers explore through hundreds of reviewed, rated SDKs by category.

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SafeDK’s App X-Ray tool lets curious app and SDK developers uncover what SDKs are used by any free Android app.

We are a team of passionate tech-lovers, who use our talent to bring transparency and trust to the SDKs performance and in-app ads, allowing app publishers to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of using 3rd party tools.

This is Us

  • Team 01 orly


    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Team 01 ronnie

    Ronnie Sternberg

    Co-Founder & VP Business

  • Omri


    General Manager, US

  • Team 01 maya m


    Product Magician

  • Team 01 ori

    Ori Lentzitzky

    The Rock Star

  • Team 01 ariel

    Ariel Cattan

    The Breakthrough-er

  • Team 01 adam


    The Know-It-All Wizard

  • Team 01 idan


    The Cool "Just solved NP=P" Guy

  • Team 01 maya z


    Dr. SDK

  • Team 01 serge


    The Young and Restless

  • Team 01 ayala


    The Hunter

  • Amir


    The Deal Maker

  • Isabella


    Wonder Developer

  • Navad


    Master of All