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Firebase Becomes Second Strongest SDK in the Ecosystem, GDPR Influencing Private User Data Access, and Payment SDKs Continue to Rise; SafeDK Releases a New Mobile SDK Data Trends Report which Explores the State of SDKs in 2018


This report compares 2018 with the previous year, looking at hundreds of thousands of Android apps and thousands of SDKs. The report analyzes access to private user data by external SDKs, usage and market share by SDK category, app or game category, app developer geo, top apps and more


Herzliya, Israel - Jan 2019 – SafeDK, the leading end-to-end mobile SDK management and ad visibility solution is releasing a new Mobile SDKs Trends report today.

The report looks at specific players, categories, private user data access and more, and looks at how trends have changed since last year.

Here are some main highlights and insights from the report:

  • Although we are already living in the 'GDPR era', over 58% of the examined apps still have at least 1 SDK that accesses private user data (3% growth from last year report). The most popular types of private data that SDKs access are location, user apps list (other apps that are installed on the users’ device) and contacts. These percentages are much higher among ad-network SDKs.
  • The average number of mobile SDKs in Android apps is a stable 18.2. When the first edition of our trend report was released in 2016, the average number was 15. While this number steadily grew in 2016 and 2017, it hardly changed in 2018, indicating that the mobile SDK industry might be maturing.
  • While top-tier app companies (apps above 1 billion users) are still more conservative with implementing SDKs (their average number of SDKS is 14.8), they are embracing external SDKs a lot more than they used to. In 2016, they averaged 10 SDKs.
  • The Facebook Audience Network grows significantly, reaching #2 of all ad-network SDKs, integrated into over 33% of all apps that use ad-network SDKs. FAN gained only 7% over the past year and doubled its dominance since 2016. As Google Mobile Ads remain in first place and doesn’t seem to lose market share, it implies that more and more apps are using both of these ad network SDKs together in an attempt to maximize their revenues.
  • However, FAN is not that popular across all app categories. Below you can see that in the games apps category, Unity Ads is the second most popular ad network.

To explore additional trends, and view data by geos: Mobile SDKs Trends report (FREE)

About SafeDK:

SafeDK is a leading end-to-end SDKs management platform which enables top app publishers such as Playrix, Gram Games, Wooga, PeopleFun, and many others to analyze, monitor and optimize the behavior of the SDKs in their apps. Mobile apps commonly incorporate 3rd party SDKs, which are seen as black boxes by the app owners integrating them. With SafeDK, app owners can oversee performance, ad quality, privacy and GDPR compliance, switch off problematic SDKs in real time and control SDKs’ access permissions. SafeDK was founded in September 2014 by Orly Shoavi and Ronnie Sternberg and has offices in Israel and New York. SafeDK has recently reached 480 million global monthly active users (MAU) in the apps that are safeguarded by the solution.