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Keeping SDKs on their Best Behavior

One solution for performance, ad visibility, privacy and GDPR compliance of 3rd party SDKs in your mobile app.

Instantly turn off misbehaving SDKs, no version update needed.

SDKs Performance & Stability

Know your 3rd party code contribution to your app start time, network consumption and latency, location access, crashes and ANRs.
Switch off problematic SDKs on the spot for the relevant audience, version and devices, no version update needed.

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Ad Visibility & Quality Control

Get 100% transparency of the ads that are shown in your app: Track campaigns performance and identify wasted inventory, inappropriate or buggy creatives, blacklist violations and direct competition ads.
Increase your app ROI and perfect your users’ experience.

Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Illuminate blind spots by pointing out the SDKs that are accessing your users private data and compromise your GDPR-compliance. Switch off the relevant access permission for the violating SDKs, no version update needed.

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1-2-3 Integration

Choose a platform


Add SafeDK to your build


Build and run your app.
You are good to go!

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